Professionalism exists on two levels…

  • There’s one’s outside image and reputation—their brand.
  • Then there’s one’s sense of confidence in their business, abilities, and worth as a Professional.

Being a Professional means first thinking of yourself as one who should be paid well for what you do—then transferring that attitude to the service/product that you provide your clients and customers. Fact of the matter is, this is the secret to becoming great. Professionalism is the attitude and pursuit of excellence—and if you don’t have the attitude, you’ll never get to the excellence.

So stop slouching. Stop procrastinating. Stop thinking that the work you produce can only get up to a certain level, or that your business will only earn so much in revenue. You’re bigger than any lid or label you put on yourself. And that goes for your branding as well. Once you decide to “go pro,” you then need to step up to an image that will reflect your new confidence and professionalism. Needless to say, that’s what I specialize in: Helping individuals, entrepreneurs, and businesses of all sizes “look the part” of a Professional. Someone who came to play.

But back on the existential tip: The key is to realize (or determine) just what game you’re playing—and then be all in. Because Professionals don’t play like amateurs.